About OmniPrime

Prime Technology Group, LLC is a global, technology services company where innovation is at the core of our business engagements. We develop cutting-edge solutions and carefully select the best Information Technology professionals locally and globally to become ambassadors of your business. This approach maximizes our ability to leverage our award-winning team and their competencies. Prime is the conduit which bridges the immediate business solutions today to the technology advances of tomorrow. Our candid ability and forethought has enabled us to navigate seamlessly, bridging the appropriate technology solutions that outlast todays technology trends. How do we do this; simply we listen. Team leaders identify poignant solutions and fuse the appropriate framework and infrastructure necessary for unlocking your capabilities.

  • Cloud (Google PAAS,
    Microsoft Azure)

  • Mobility
    (IBM Work Lite)

  • Analytics (Big Data,
    Predictive Analytics)

  • Quality

Prime Technology Group is organized into above four technical practices

Prime develops customizable frameworks, driven by our robust R & D, which become the cornerstone of our solution offerings. Our philosophy in flexibility allows us to leverage our award-winning resources and competencies to exceed our clients expectations while improving their bottom line. We have successfully helped hundreds of clients in Healthcare, Insurance, Life Sciences, Banking, Financial Services, and E-commerce. Our imprint has drastically impacted client growth, we are Prime Technology Group, where we are - Bringing visions to life.

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