Analytics Dashboard
Converts every minute detail into
valuable business insights...

Our slider snapshot of all major aspects of your business with figures flashing as the auto update. Order count shows Order Count, Revenue and Profit. Networth shows Payables, Receivable and Cash in Bank. Inventory values shows Good, Bad and In-transit inventory and While all your focus is just on sales and orders, we understand the role of returns play in our business. We show exact numbers of returns that too with clear differentiation amongst Refund, Replacement and RTOs.

Market Place Integration
FulFil Watcher

We value your customers and your commitment towards them. Ship Orders on time by monitoring it on our Fulfill Watcher. We keep track of Orders Due today for all your Channels. We will also inform you about the inventory levels of those products and How many you Need to Procure. With our Fulfill watcher you can also have a look at orders due tomorrow and next week.
We make your fulfillment team efficient!

Bar Graph

Bar Graphs to measure your progress month by month. Stacked bar to show total orders and fulfilled orders. OmniPrime tells you which products gets the maximum orders.This is simply knowing the strength of your business.

Low stock Indicator

What if you go low on stock on the products that are selling great?
You will procure them. But for that you need to know your best selling products of the past 15 days and their stock levels.
OmniPrime lets no opportunity gets missed, by keeping a tab on your 5 best selling products and their stock levels. You can check the inventory level, Units sold and low stock value of any product by searching for it.

PIE Graph

Pie Graph to show omni channel order distribution by number and quantity. We also show In-stock and out of stock Orders. Disappointing your customers when they are expecting their order delivery is a fatal reason why you see those losses. Know which order’s products are in stock, and which out of stock. This means purchasing faster and resulting in happy customers.

Purchase Order

Get complete details of the purchase orders,in a date range. Know the count of POs, Total PO amount under different categories (open, closed) along with the total units ordered and received all at a single place.

Pyramid Graph

Pyramid Graph to show top payables and top receivables and amount to be received and pay. Know your financials situation with our Pyramids to know who are your top Payable parties.

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