Listing Products on all Channels with One Catalog.

Presenting your ideas well is as equivalent of getting those ideas. Offer your customers a new dynamic and different experience to show your products and services.

In Product catalog, we let you create your own product catalog, with its variants and also facilitate you to upload all details and update information time to time.So, when you have your catalog ready, you can list it anywhere and just start selling.Also you can save them for later use on any local or global platform. Once Created, all you need to do is update inventory and price.


Add a product

Create your product catalog, by adding products as well as their sister variants at the same time. Fill in the details of the product from brand, name, description to the dimensional section and even fill in the stock.And depending upon the features, you can create any number of variants all at the same time. Uploading multi images is a never seen before feature

Create product variants

If your product has variations, we facilitate you with creating multiple variations at the same time. All you have to do is distinguish the factor upon which the variation needs to be created. Fill in the number that you need to make, edit the details and then you can have as many variations as required.This feature is extremely important for the apparel, footwear and fashion industry.

Add dimensional details and stock

Once you have added the products, do not limit yourself to just filling its name, brand or color. With OmniPrime. you can fill the dimensional details of not only the product but also the variant details at the same time. Once you fill in the dimensional details, Fill up the unit price and unit cost. Our "Copy to All" feature saves ample of your time and produce the desirable results in a short time by copying information to all the variants.

Upload multiple images to the product catalogue

When your products are outstanding, you should display them right. With our multi-images upload feature, you can upload as many as Five images of your product. And if the images are common, you can copy the images to all the variants. With features like this, we aim to show your product in the best light, and thereby bringing you happy customers.

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