No more Painful Financial Reconciliation.

We all know, financial reconciliation can be tedious and time consuming, especially with high transaction volumes, multiple accounts or multiple currencies to be reconciled.

OmniPrime is here to assist you in the same, with efficiency and accuracy.


Financial Performance Indicator

In our performance indicator, we aim to capture the all the financial indicator, the value of your receivables and payables, The net worth of your stock and the count of your profit or losses. Reconcile with every sales channel, know of your your balance sheet along and inculcate all the financial highlights and focus on your business profits.A simple way to keep a track on your hard earned money.

Import Payment Sheet of Sales channels

We understand how important it is to keep those payment sheets records for your business. With Omni Prime, you can not only maintain but also import payment sheets of different sales channel in the system and export it whenever you feel the need to. All you need to do is select the source of payment system, and import the file in the system. What else, get a template of the desirable file and organise your accounts like never before.

Reconcile your account with Sales Channels

Seller can reconcile on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis for respective Sale Channel. Know your business worth Month to Date, Quarter to date or Year to date. Keep a tab on your money and know of the value that had been going missing and track the same to avoid any hassle in the business at any stage.

Get details of every Transaction with respective Sale Channels.

Transactions in business is of extreme importance and keeping a track of and managing transactions is an enormous task. With OmniPrime, seller can come to know of details of every transaction on sales channel. Also we can keep record of every transaction done. This is important at the end of the day when we count our expenditures and revenues.

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