Maximize profits with Minimum efforts in Managing inventory.

The stock knowledge is a key parameter of your business growth

Successful businesses realize that reviewing inventory, fulfillment and shipping costs is essential for success. With our inventory module, you can efficiently manage every stage of the product lifecycle, as well as your different lines of business. We bet you'll be able to manage inventory levels and get stronger control of inventory operations.


List your inventory

Get the information of all your products at one place. The inventory module lists the entire products at a single panel, showing you the stock status, available stock and category name as well.With different filters supported, see the list of the products that you want to see. The stock status lets you know of the stock level.

Inventory Management Solution

Add to the inventory

Once you have added the products, do not limit yourself to just filling its name, brand or color. With OmniPrime. you can fill the dimensional details of not only the product but also the variant details at the same time. Once you fill in the dimensional details, Fill up the unit price and unit cost. Our "Copy to All" feature saves ample of your time and produce the desirable results in a short time by copying information to all the variants.

Get to know of the stock

To know your stock is to know your business.See the details of your in-stock, stock in hand and total available. All stock updates are also visible instantly. Knowing your stock is of utmost importance so as to know when is the right time to buy next and to keep a good track of your products and their performance.

Take a bulk action

We facilitate you with applying bulk action i.e. instead of a single order, process multi orders all at once.For example, export orders to some other location, all you can do is select the orders that you want to export, and perform bulk action. This will easy your daily chores by large margins and will thereby leave you with ample of time to focus on business rather than daily minute activities.

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