Selling on multiple channels made easy!!

There is a long journey between receiving an order and the customer receiving their products. Whether it's tracking inventory or tracking shipments, deciding on a shipping service or printing shipping labels, generating invoices. Omni Prime has got your back.

Order Management helps you fulfill orders with maximum efficiency and enhance the post-sales buyer experience through complete integration with your shipping solution and valuable analytics to help making future decisions.All this is to extend your ecommerce shopping cart into a complete, highly scalable and fully integrated ecommerce solution.

Our Features

Add new orders with ease

Managing orders is a big part of the business. When the orders come in from so many channels, it can well lead to a chaos. Adding orders have never been this easier. Just fill in the customer details, his billing and shipping addresses. Add products in the order, fill in the payment method and tax type. Also Filter on the basis of source of the order.

Orders from Multiple Channel, Manage at One Panel

Hassle free management of orders, no matter what channel they come from. Easily sort your orders and fulfill them in an organised way .Arrange your orders under different status labels like Packed Orders, Approved Orders and process them as the way you like it. You can filter the orders as per as their source. This simply reduces your efforts time.

Streamline your Order Processing

Fulfill your orders in a workflow process, step by step. We understand the efforts that goes in moving from one process to another. And this is what we aim at, helping you easier your business. With Omni Prime’s order management, the order gets added, approved, packed and then shipped. And you can print invoices, shipping labels and also create notes.

Accessible Order Listing

When processing many orders, every single minute is crucial. We realize how bothersome it is to go back and start with the same process again and again. Our Order list is accessible all the time, so that whenever you need to switch to any other order, you can do that just instantaneously, and can proceed with your work.With just a click, the order list is available to you.

Edit Orders anytime

Once the order is created, there may arise the need to edit the orders. And this might sound as a whole lot of rework, but with OmniPrime, it is just a click away. Edit the orders after it has been created and put in all the updates. And save all the changes. You can edit the billling and shipping address, quantity and edit all the contents of the order.

Apply action in bulk, process multi orders

There are actions, which need to be applied on multiple orders instead of a single order. Omni Prime lets you perform actions on bulk items such as export orders or print invoices in bulk. This feature is on extreme importance since multiple order processing is a time saving technique. Select multiple orders or orders that you want to process and perform action accordingly.

Record notes & keep history track

It is of utmost importance to record the instances of some orders. We facilitate you with keeping records of the order notes if any and maintaining the entire history of the order, from the time of being created to fulfilled and shipped, OmniPrime keeps the record of every single order activity. And you can save those details, and use anytime.

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