Purchase with Ease from your suppliers

Not only do we aim at making profits, but also deliver significant savings for your business too. We simplify the procurement process for employees to request and for purchasing departments to acquire goods and services. We have designed our platform specifically to accommodate the purchasing process associated with anything from buying generic products, raw materials, and other similar products and services.

As a purchasing professional and a key player in the e-commerce, your function is integral to everything your organization does. You need to be innovative, yet cost-conscious. And there is also a need for vendor management. Because you need to be aware of all those you deal with, and stop wasting time on same things time and again.


Back Orders

Getting an order is an opportunity. Many a times we let go of an order just because of short stock. OmniPrime helps you to not let go of such opportunities.Use back orders and keep such orders in notice and procure for them whenever there is time.BackOrders are reminders to procure for goods and stock to fulfill orders without wasting an opportunity.

Inventory Management Solution

Create PO's in a few clicks

Reduce PO processing costs, reduce invoice errors and maximize product profitability by automatically choosing supplier price and delivery time.Create Po within a few click by just deciding for the product to be procured and choosing the supplier and decide for the quantity to be procured.And not only this, also see the previous history of the purchases

Procure intelligent with Smart Price Check

We facilitate you to know when is the best time to buy, check the previously bought history. With features like these, we make sure that you procure smarter.With our smart price check feature, see the history of the previous purchases of the product.Also see the list of all the suppliers from whom it was previously bought, so that you know better and procure much smart.

Procurement Management Software

Manage your Vendors

OmniPrime helps you to minimize suppliers risk and manage your relationship with your suppliers to achieve the best value in every deal.We do not think so that you should be wasting time every time to do the same action time and again.With our supplier management, you can see the list of all the suppliers and can even add a supplier in the hour of need.

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